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A new me…

So I told y’all I’d be around more and I meant it. Don’t get super excited,though…two posts in two days is probably going to be a scarce thing…. But Ima try to fill you all in on “the new me”. No, I haven’t had plastic surgery or any surgery for that matter. I haven’t yet… Continue reading A new me…

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I’m back!

I know I said I was going to be blogging some where else,  but I’ve changed my mind.  I’m back and I’m back to stay, for the foreseeable future. The busy part of my year is going to be winding down here soon,  so I will have more time to blog. Actually, it will be… Continue reading I’m back!

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My heart

I know this is a ‘food blog’ but today, I’d like to share my heart with y’all. I hope that’s okay. I have been holding this in for a while now, and I just need to get it out of my head, off my chest and out to you… I have been a Christian for a long… Continue reading My heart