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Almost Homemade Cinnamon Raisin Bread

As most of you know, I have been gluten free (mostly) for almost a year now. I work with a couple different companies, for which I do reviews and giveaways. I enjoy doing this so much. Sometimes I just try the product as is and review it. Sometimes I make  recipe with the product. I really enjoy doing this.… Continue reading Almost Homemade Cinnamon Raisin Bread

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Steel Cut Oats

Udi’s Steel Cut Oats, to be exact. I had never had steel cut oats before today. I have to say, I really like them. These happen to have currants, flax and chai seeds added to them. Udi’s makes some really good gluten-free products. I have been happy with most of their products. What I like most… Continue reading Steel Cut Oats

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Who’s Ready For A Giveaway? (Giveaway Ended)

Ok, friends. Who’s ready for a giveaway? I know I am! It’s been a while since the last one and I am so ready for someone to win some gluten-free goodness!! Guess who’s sponsoring this giveaway…Can you guess? I bet you can! That’s right! Glutino Foods is. Remember I told you about their Merry Mint Brownie Mix? Well,… Continue reading Who’s Ready For A Giveaway? (Giveaway Ended)

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Gluten-Free Baking Mixes

Some of you may remember that I am part of a group of gluten-free bloggers for Glutino Foods and I have a job to do here. This month they sent me some gluten-free baking mixes. Holiday baking mixes, to be exact. It’s rough but someone’s gotta do it!  I had to suffer this month and try… Continue reading Gluten-Free Baking Mixes

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Trim Healthy Mama

Have y’all heard all the craze about Trim Healthy Mama?  These two Christian ladies (sisters, actually) wrote a book about their struggles with finding the right way to shed their unwanted pounds, with a few other things thrown in for good measure.  They wrote it from a Christian, biblical point of view, but aren’t super… Continue reading Trim Healthy Mama

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Let’s Give Some Brownies Away! (Giveaway Ended)

As I said before, these brownies are amazing, so let’s give some brownies away, shall we?!?! Some lucky reader is going to be very happy when these so up at their doorstep, I guarantee that! See the review for these here. Ardenne Farm has also decided to send the lucky winner of this giveaway a… Continue reading Let’s Give Some Brownies Away! (Giveaway Ended)

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Ardenne Farms Fudge Brownies

I was pleasantly pleased when the Ardenne Farms Fudge Brownies came out of the oven.  I am always a little leery when I read all-natural, no preservatives, no artificial flavors or colors along with gluten-free on a package.  Just because experience tells me that it is going to TASTE like it’s gluten-free and has no artificial… Continue reading Ardenne Farms Fudge Brownies

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Since I’m still working on recipes, let’s have an әvol. giveaway, shall we? The fine folks at әvol. and I have decided to give one lucky reader a couple of their  Bacon Mac and Cheeses and some coupons toward the purchase of some of their great products! Here is a review of one of their products.… Continue reading әvol. GIVEAWAY

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Remember a while back I did some reviews for a company by the name of әvol. ?  They have some really good products.  I loved most of their stuff. They sent me some mac and cheese, lemongrass chicken, burritos and some other stuff.  The burritos were my least favorite of all of it, but they weren’t… Continue reading әvol.

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Nostalgic Cookie Review

I have done a lot of reviews on this blog and all of them have been positive.  I knew there had to come a time when I would find something I just really did not like.  Well, that time has come. I tried a few different flavors of these cookies… Amaretto Limoncello Glee Kiwi Lychee… Continue reading Nostalgic Cookie Review