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A new me…

So I told y’all I’d be around more and I meant it. Don’t get super excited,though…two posts in two days is probably going to be a scarce thing…. But Ima try to fill you all in on “the new me”.

No, I haven’t had plastic surgery or any surgery for that matter. I haven’t yet lost the weight I want to and I haven’t come into any money.

I’m simply trying to be the best me I can be. You know, taking better care of my body, mind and soul. This the season, I guess. New Years and all…no I didn’t make any resolutions or anything, but what better time of year to make such needed changes,right?

Plus, I wanted to post from my new Kindle Fire… ūüėČ


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In a rut…

I know, I know… I said I was back and I haven’t written anything since. I’d like to blame on a crazy schedule, not enough time in the day or some other big reason.

The fact is, I just haven’t had much to say. I’ve been in a bit of a rut lately and I’m not sure why… I always have 10,000 things going on in my head and only about half of them make any sense.

I am going to make more of an effort to be here, though. I can’t promise it will be anything very exciting, but I think it might be therapeutic in some way.

A recent photo… I am smiling, happy (for the most part) and on my way to healthy…


I said this blog was making some changes and it will be. I’ll still try to share yummy stuff with y’all as food is still a love of mine. You might just have to deal with a lot of personal posts, too.

I’m making an effort. Reaching out. Hope you’ll join me, it’s bound to be a crazy ride.

Take care, friends. Til next time… xo


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I’m back!

I know I said I was going to be blogging some where else,  but I’ve changed my mind.  I’m back and I’m back to stay, for the foreseeable future.

The busy part of my year is going to be winding down here soon,  so I will have more time to blog. Actually, it will be a little longer than that,  because we are going out of state for my sister’s wedding.

After that though,  I’m hoping to bring you some new, delicious and healthy recipes! 

Good to be back!  I’ll try to get around to see everyone and see what y’all are up to.

Take care… xx

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Help A Girl Out!

Hai again! I’m wondering if y’all can help a girl out? Me specifically…

As most of you know, my family and I live and work full-time at a Christian camp. Fort Faith Baptist Camp, to be exact. We are supported like any other missionaries would be.  While we are not on foreign soil or over seas, we ARE missionaries.  We serve others and the Lord in hopes that those we serve here at camp with come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

We have been living/working here full-time since May 2009. While our bills always get paid and we always have food on the table, we are definitely not living in the lap of luxury. God always provides our needs and we are so thankful for that. We are not at all complaining.

The reason for this post is that my sister, Shannon¬†(one of my BEST FRIENDS) is getting married in September and she has asked me to be her Matron of Honor. She¬†lives in another state, so we will be traveling for the wedding and staying in a hotel. I will be¬†purchasing a dress and¬†shoes for the¬†wedding and because my husband is giving her away (that’s a whole other post), he will be needing a suit (he doesn’t even own one).

So as you can see, we will be needing money for traveling, hotel, clothing, etc. And on a limited budget, that’s going to be hard! So my sister suggested opening a GoFundMe account to see if I could raise some of the money that way. So I did! And I’m happy to announce, I’ve raised almost $300 already!¬† I thought I would explain my situation to all my friends here and see if anyone would want to help a girl out?!? ūüôā

Just click HERE to donate!¬† Any amount will help and is greatly appreciated!¬†Thank you, y’all are great!!

Live, laugh, love and be kind!  xoxo

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A Different Direction

Hai guys!

I’m sorry I haven’t been around much. I have been soul-searching and trying to figure out what I want to do with this blog and I think I finally figured it out.¬† I think I want to¬†head in¬†a different direction.¬† I will still be posting yummy recipes and delectable photos, they just won’t be focused on the THM plan. I tried¬†that plan¬†for several months and I did lose weight at first, but then I gained quite a bit in a short amount of time. Now I not only have to lose what I did before, but what I gained on THM…


So, I’m heading in a different direction as far as weight loss and as far as this blog. It will still be gluten and (refined) sugar-free as I am pretty intolerant of both but you won’t see new THM recipes posted. You can still find the old recipes in the archives if you choose to search for them. Up in the top middle of my home page, you can search my blog by tag, category or date.¬†I love that feature! Or you can just type THM into the search bar in the top right corner of the home page! Easy peasy!

I will also be adding more personal posts to NowICanEatCake. They may include weight loss goals and/or photos. Posts may also include topics such as religion, homemaking tips, reviews and or giveaways!

How about this… What would you like to see more of here??? Leave it in the comments!

Live, laugh love and be kind! xoxo

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My heart

I know this is a ‘food blog’ but today, I’d like to share my heart with y’all. I hope that’s okay. I have been¬†holding this in for a while now, and I just need to get it out of my head, off my chest¬†and out to you…

I have been a Christian for a long time, since I was like 11.  An evangelist came to my church and talked about the end times and showed this movie that depicted what the end times would be like and what the people left behind would go through. I was like, nuh-uh, not this girl, I need Jesus and I need Him now!

The plan of salvation was shared often¬†at my church growing up. I went to a Baptist church. It was not an ‘Independent Fundamental Baptist’ church (IFB) but it was a Baptist church. I was brought up believing that as a Christian, I shouldn’t drink alcohol to get drunk, I shouldn’t gamble, I shouldn’t dance, etc. A pretty typical Baptist upbringing, from what I have learned throughout the years.

IFB churches take the ‘rules’ even further. They believe as a Christian one shouldn’t drink alcohol at all, they even go as far as to say that when God speaks¬†of wine in the bible, that he is talking about grape juice. These same people say they want us to take the bible Ver Batum as God’s Holy Word and trust it as God makes no mistake. Don’t get me wrong, I BELIEVE this. But God is very specific and clear in all other things¬†so if we believe that¬†why wouldn’t we believe that if God meant juice, He would have said JUICE?!?!

IFB’s also¬†believe in no gambling, no problem there.

Now we’ll move onto ‘no dancing’, there are plenty of arguments for the opposite of this in the¬†Psalms and in Ecclesiastes, now I’m not talking about bumping and grinding here, people. I am talking about appropriate¬†dancing.

Then there is ‘no going to the theater’, because we don’t want to support Hollywood or¬†because someone might think you’re seeing something you shouldn’t! #1 We support Hollywood whether we see a movie in the theater or we buy the DVD, so that’s just a silly reasoning. #2¬†People are going to think whatever they want to think, regardless. I understand the avoiding the appearance of evil thing, I do. BUT, does that then mean we shouldn’t put our groceries in a bag because someone might think we are hiding alcohol in our bags? Or we shouldn’t shop at Meijer anymore because they sell¬†cigarettes there and someone might think we are buying them! No, that’s ridiculous! People will think what they are going to think despite our best efforts to appear or even actually be chaste.

IFB churches teach that women should only wear dresses or skirts, because we have¬†to be modest. Where does this come from? You can be just as immodest in a skirt, if not more so than you can in pants or slacks. I mean come on, think about that for a minute! ¬†And I have yet to find a verse in the bible that says anything about a woman wearing skirts and dresses only. Most christians (yes, I spelled that with a little c, because I believe that the kind of Christians who place these kind of legalistic rules on others are not Christ followers) who are against women wearing pants, cite the verse in Deuteronomy¬†about woman not wearing that¬†which pertaineth to a man.¬†A thorough study of the clothing norms in the bible reveals that there really was no distinction between men’s and women’s clothing in bible times,¬†not beyond the stylistic differences, such as¬†size, trim and color. In fact, the clothing that God¬†Himself made for Adam and¬†Eve, in the garden, was so similar that He used ONE WORD to describe the garment he made for each of them. The same word describes the clothing worn by¬†godly men and women throughout the bible, yet we want to demand much more than even God¬†did in not only in style, but form and function. Do we know better than God?!?

As an Independent Fundamental Baptist, if you are¬†not in church EVERY time the doors are open (no exceptions… if you are able to be there, you should be there),¬†you’re not being a¬†good Christian. The verse cited most for this is the one in Hebrews about not forsaking the gathering of ourselves. This I do agree with to a point. Yes, we should gather together and have a time of learning God’s word and having fellowship as Christians, one with another, but where does it say you MUST BE IN CHURCH 3 times EVERY SUNDAY and EVERY WEDNESDAY and EVERY SINGLE time the doors are open. NO WHERE!

IFB’ers Only listen to¬†Christian music (and I’m talking hymns and music without drums and/or anything but a piano and acoustic guitar, NO¬†contemporary Christian music) or you’re a heathen, now I have never been called a heathen, but this is what we are taught. Anything that has a beat or anything that makes you want to lift your hands and cry out is NOT OKAY! To me, I think that should be the purpose of the music you listen to. It should be uplifting and make you want to shout to the Lord in¬†thanksgiving for all He’s done and raise your hands in praise….maybe I’m wrong?!?!

If you don’t show up at the appointed time for¬†door to door soul winning, you’re a poor example of a Christian. Really?!?! Show me in the bible where it says anything even close to this! Yes, the bible says we should go soul wining. We should go out into the hedges and highways…no where does it say it has to be door to door, or an organized time or day or even a church activity. I have the Romans¬†Road here on my blog, I witness to people on Facebook all the time, I work at a Christian camp where I talk to people and witness to people all the time. Is that not soul winning?¬†Of course¬†I could do more and I’m not saying I do everything I can all the time, I don’t think any of us do. We can all do better.

Final thoughts, here…what are we doing? I think we have gotten so far off track that we have lost focus of what we are really supposed to be doing which is spreading the LOVE of God and the gospel of Jesus Christ. In all those things I have written above, do you see love? I don’t. All I see is legalistic junk. Things that, in the long run, don’t mean anything.

Do you think when we stand before out Lord and Saviour, He is going to care about whether or not we wore pants or skirt?¬† Or whether we bought DVD’s or saw movies in the theater?!?! We are supposed to be loving on people and sharing the gospel with them. Instead they see us looking down on¬†each other¬†from our high horses in judgment about what we wear, where we go and all that. Of course, we don’t judge them because they aren’t saved yet and don’t know any better, but once they’ve been at church for a while and ‘know better’, we best start to see some change or we’ll start saying things like, ‘if you don’t share our beliefs or you find yourself disagreeing with a lot of what is preached, this probably isn’t the church for you.’ WHAT?!?!

It amazes me how insensitive people can be. We need to remember what Jesus was all about. Yes, He was/is against sin, no doubt. But He was/is ALL ABOUT LOVE. Let’s get back to the basics, friends. Let’s love on people and spread the gospel light. Let’s treat people like Jesus would if He was here. I’m not talking about tolerance of sin, here. I am simply talking about not judging others, that’s not our job. We are to love others as Christ did and show them the way to eternal life, through HIM.

I hope I have been clear here and that you have seen my where my heart truly is. I am for you, Jesus is for you. He loves you and He wants you to come to know Him. If you don’t know Jesus Christ as your personal Saviour, please visit my Romans Road page for a clear presentation of the plan of salvation. Still have questions? Just leave them in the¬†comments!

Live, laugh, LOVE and be kind! xoxo

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My Writing Process Blog Tour

A couple of weeks back,¬†Andrea from Cooking With A Wallflower¬†Emailed¬†me and asked if I‚Äôd be interested in participating in the ‘My Writing Process Blog Tour’. If you’ve not¬†stopped by Andrea’s blog yet, you totes should. She’s got some of the yummiest¬†food¬†and photos over there! ¬†=)

I had¬†never heard of My Writing Process Blog Tour before,¬†so¬†Andrea kinda had to¬†explain to me what it was!¬† Once I understood what it was all about, I was totes down with it!¬† It is all about getting¬†others acquainted with your blog and you acquainted with¬†other’s blogs!¬† It’s right up my alley!!¬† So, let’s get started shall we??

Pretty much all you do¬†is answer a few questions about what you’re inspired¬†by and what your writing process is like. Then you¬†invite three other bloggers to participate.



  1. What am I working on?

I almost always have a few projects in the wings at once.  I am currently working on finalizing a gluten-free banana/chocolate chip muffin/cake.  I also have a white chocolate, strawberry blondie in the works.  I am working on a  tomato cucumber salad as well.  These will all end up on the blog eventually, when I get them perfected.

  1. How does my work differ from others of its genre?

My passion¬†is¬†gluten-free, refined sugar-free¬†recipes that are¬†and easy, (mostly) healthy AND delicious. ¬†Anything you see here¬†on the blog, we eat¬†here at home.¬†You will never see recipes on here that I won’t eat myself or that call for ingredients that are impossible to find¬†(or cost an arm and a leg to buy).¬† I don’t think we should have to¬†hock house and home to feed the family! ¬†My struggle over the last few months, since going gluten-free and refined sugar-free has been finding things that I truly enjoy eating.¬† I think a lot of people struggle with this.¬† The goal here at NowICanEatCake is to find that balance between eating healthy and enjoying what you eat!

  1. Why do I write what I do?

When I first started this blog, I was just going to share with my peeps, healthy, easy recipes that I was coming up with because I was trying to lose weight and I wanted to share healthy recipes and great photos of that healthy food.  Then when I found out I was going gluten-free, it turned into what it is today.

  1. How does your writing process work?

Well, it varies.  If I am simply reviewing a product, I start with trying it (eating it).  Then I sit down and write a review post for it.  Writing out exactly how I felt about the product as clearly and concisely as possible.  I try to add as much pertinent information as I can about the product itself (calories, fat, etc.).

If I am doing a recipe development for a company, that is a little more work.¬† I spend some time thinking about what the product is and how to best showcase the product, if it’s savory or sweet and how it would best be cooked or baked.¬†¬† I come up with¬†a basic recipe idea and then¬†I¬†usually¬†do a little internet research on similar recipes to make sure I am going in the right direction.¬† I make the needed corrections if there are any and then I get to work in the kitchen.

When it comes to writing the post and adding photos,¬†sometimes I edit the¬†photos, sometimes I don’t. ¬†If the¬†photos are bright enough, I don’t edit them at all. If the¬†they’re¬†not as bright due to¬†clouds¬†I¬†will use Picasa¬†to edit them.¬†¬†Sometimes I like to tell a story with my recipes, sometimes I don’t.¬† Depends on my mood.¬† If there is something funny surrounding the shopping day or a unique item, I will usually add it to my post.

As¬†others¬†have alluded to,¬†to someone who has never blogged, putting together a blog ¬†post and publishing it¬†might ¬†easy and pretty effortless. But it really isn’t.¬† It takes quite a bit of thought, research and time to put something together that is of quality.

And now, ¬†it’s time for me to let you know who will be¬†posting next weeks ‘My¬†Writing Process Blog Tour’ posts.¬†Here they are:

Nell @ineedafeed ~ Nell always has¬†the most lovely gluten-free treats on her blog. It’s always a pleasure to drop by and see what she has been baking.¬† You can find other things on her blog as well, some savory dishes and some reviews.¬† A very versatile blogger, indeed! If you haven’t yet, you should check her blog out!

Laura¬† ~ Laura is a fabulous 30-something feminist, PhD. student¬†and runner, who just moved to North Dakota.¬† She’s got a unique look on life and I think she rocks! Go check her blog out!

Rebecca @momssocalledlifedotcom¬†~ Rebecca’s a full-time working mom who blogs about trying to balance motherhood, being a fianc√©,¬†her career, home, and wellness.¬† She recognizes that life as a working mom of three leaves little time for much other than taking care of the necessities on a daily basis, which is how the name of her blog came about…you should check it out!

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of you that visit here, read often and comment! I couldn’t do what I love to do if not for you!!

Live , laugh, love and be kind!  xoxo