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Shish Kabobs

By a raise of hands, tell me how many of you have made shish kabobs…okay okay. So, what do you like on yours? I LOVE veggies on mine. Onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, the works! And what meat do you use on your shish kabobs? The possibilities are close to endless…pork, beef, shrimp, lamb, heck you might… Continue reading Shish Kabobs

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Pork Chops

I think pork chops often get a bad rap. They are also mistaken for pork steaks quite often.  Pork chops are often smaller and are definitely more lean than pork steaks. I prefer pork chops over pork steak, myself for that reason (the fact they are more lean). Pork chops are also quite versatile. You can… Continue reading Pork Chops