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Coffeecake Connection Company

I got connected with CCC by chance on Facebook, through Christine Welch, who happens to be the OWNER of The Coffeecake Connection Company (CCC). I don’t remember how we came to be acquainted, but the important thing IS, we did!

Because look at what I got in the mail the other day…

Coffeecake Connection

It all came wrapped beautifully in a pretty box tied in a bow of twine, with paper confetti ribbons in the box!  It really was quite lovely.  I should have taken a before and after!  She sent me a small variety of just about everything they sell and, can I just say, ‘WOW!’

They make several different kinds of cookies, brownies, coffee cakes, cake-a-lettes (cupcake/muffin), and they also sell a couple of flavors of frozen batter (I believe a Chocolate and Signature) that can be used for anything you can think of.  It comes ready-made and you can just scoop and use. From donuts to coffee cake, anything you can think of you can probably make with it! You are going to be able to order that and have it shipped soon! As of right now you can only buy it at their headquarters in Chicago and at some stores.

I was super stoked to try the cookies as they are ginormous and looked so very good! I was not disappointed AT ALL!  Their cookie flavors include: Snickerdoodle, Milk Chocolate Chunk and Cranberry White Chocolate.I was sent one of each and I can attest that they are all very good!

Their brownie flavors include: Milk Chocolate and Chocolate Caramel.  I was sent two of the milk chocolate brownies.  They are also very good.  A little on the dry side, but still very good. I am going to ask them about what they use to make them and see if I can help them out with the dryness…. 😉

The cake-a-lettes flavors include: Signature, cinnamon, chocolate chip, double chocolate chip, and triple berry.  I was sent the triple berry, chocolate chip and Signature flavors.  I tried the chocolate chip one and the triple berry.  The chocolate chip one was not very good. The chocolate chip cake-a-lette was a little dry and didn’t have a lot of flavor.  I think was just a fluke, because during shipping  it’s little case had popped open and it was completely upside down in it.  The triple berry one was VERY GOOD.  Nice and moist.  The cake was just sweet enough and the berries were a fabulous addition to the little cake! These are to be frozen or refrigerated and the company… and I recommend warming them slightly before eating.  Just 10s or so in the microwave and they are perfect!

So overall, I can say that this is a great company and now I will give you the actual review…

Coffeecake Connection Company  ♥♥♥♥♥

Five hearts!  I can totally recommend this company!  Their goodies are totally gluten-free made in a gluten-free facility and the products have fabulous flavor and texture.  I would recommend these treats for any get-together… Mother/Daughter banquets, family reunions, graduations, ANYTHING that you need gluten-free sweet treats for and you don’t want or can’t make them yourself for.

Now let me state these are NOT sugar-free OR low-calorie, or anything of the sort!  These are for SPECIAL OCCASIONS and TREATS! Not something I would ever recommend on a daily basis!  Everything in moderation! These lovely baked goods would make WONDERFUL gifts for loved ones and friends!

And now, I have been told by Christine that she would like one of my readers to be able to enjoy some of her goodies as well!! So, we are going to have a GIVEAWAY!!!  Yay!!  One of you lucky readers is going to receive a small gluten-free cookie/brownie sampler!! Oh, boy are you in for a treat!!  Just click the link below to enter!!

Enter HERE!!

Good Luck!!

LIVE, laugh, love and Be kind! xoxo