About Me

Hi y’all,  first let me just say, ‘Thank You’ for stopping by! Welcome to my little corner of the world…

I hope you find something delicious to make here.  This blog has been a long time coming and it is such a labor of love.  Enjoy…

I am a self-proclaimed foodie. I adore food and it seems to adore me,  because it sticks to me like glue!  My thighs. My hips,  my waist…


So here I am,  mid-life, trying to find that ever elusive happy medium between eating healthy and loving what I eat. I’m (mostly) having a lot of fun, though!

So,  come on!  Join me on my journey back to a healthy relationship with food!  I can’t promise perfection, but it’s sure to be a wild ride!


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Can't wait to hear from you... xoxo

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