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A new me…

So I told y’all I’d be around more and I meant it. Don’t get super excited,though…two posts in two days is probably going to be a scarce thing…. But Ima try to fill you all in on “the new me”.

No, I haven’t had plastic surgery or any surgery for that matter. I haven’t yet lost the weight I want to and I haven’t come into any money.

I’m simply trying to be the best me I can be. You know, taking better care of my body, mind and soul. This the season, I guess. New Years and all…no I didn’t make any resolutions or anything, but what better time of year to make such needed changes,right?

Plus, I wanted to post from my new Kindle Fire… 😉


2 thoughts on “A new me…”

  1. Joanna-LOVE!!

    So, so, so good to see you back and riding the momentum of the New Year. I love the idea of “taking better care of my body, mind and soul”. You KNOW that I’m all about that sister and I feel you and your words in my body, mind, and soul.

    For the past few weeks, I’ve been trying this simple, little tactic to transform my cellular structure. I simply say to my body about 15K times per day. “I accept_____(fill in the blank with any choice of words, such as: that, this, you, etc)”. When feeling physical pain, I breath into the pain and I say “I accept this. I accept you. I accept this message from you, body.” It’s the most amazing thing. My body, in this acceptance from me, is healing stuff like a zillion times faster.

    Not sure if you are feeling up to trying it, BUT if you do, I would love to hear your experiences with it. To lose the weight you want, you might try “I accept that you are showing me my highest good, body. I accept your expression utterly. Can we together accept greater health, well-being, and balance?” You’ll be amazed at what our bodies do to get our approval. They want to please us but they want to be accepted as they are first.

    I love you, Joanna. I do. Pouring such a beam of warm love in your direction, sister. You are doing great work here on the planet. We couldn’t get “there” without you, love. Yours truly, your loving sister, Lizzy.

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    1. Lizzy!!! My love!! Thanks so much for stopping by my little corner of the world!!! So good to see you, love!
      Yes! I so feel you on this. Acceptance, in my opinion, is key! Especially when it comes to listening, feeling and changing your body. Yeah, I’m overweight. But that isn’t WHO I am. There is so much more to me than my weight and jean size!! I know you feel me on that! There are so many layers to a person and we must accept them all….
      As far as accepting pain and what it does to you, mind, body and soul… Genius! On some level, I have been doing this. Pain can be such a great motivator! It can also be cathartic, revealing and even healing. My acceptance of pain has been such an eye opening experience!
      I love you, Lizzy! Thank you for your encouragement, love and light. You’re the best. Keep spreading that light, that energy! You’re amazing my friend!!! xo


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