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Meal Planner

This evening I would like to share a meal planner I made with y’all.  The reason I, and many others I’ve come to find, fail at sticking to any kind of diet or lifestyle change is lack of planning. I know I have too many times waited til the last-minute to figure out what I’m going to make for dinner. I find that if I sit down once a week for just a little while, maybe an hour and use my meal planner, I stick to my diet a lot more. Because there is a PLAN.

I have made this easy to use meal plan for you to use. I have made one that has a pre-made menu filled in for you… (Click HERE to print).

And I have one meal plan you can print and fill in yourself… (Click HERE to print).

Please only print and use these for personal use. They took me a while to make and I’m not making anything for them at all so please courteous.

Thanks!  Live, laugh love and be kind.  xoxo


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