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Trim Healthy Mama

So here is my final review of Trim Healthy Mama.

I love the fact that THM is so versatile. There are no hard and fast rules. It’s very customizable. If you don’t like one sweetener, you can use another. You don’t like or can’t have almond milk? Don’t use almond milk! Can’t have or don’t want to use coconut flour? Don’t use coconut flour! Trim Healthy Mama does have a bit if a learning curve, but once you get it down, it’s really quite a simple plan.

The whole premise of the plan is that you separate your fuels. Every meal and snack should include protein. You either add carbs and veggies (starchy and/or non-starchy) to your protein, having an E meal. Or you add fat and veggies (non-starchy), having an S meal.  And you get rid of all the ‘whites’ (white potatoes, white sugar, white bread). But really, most diet or lifestyle plans these days want you to cut out the ‘whites’. Let’s just face it, they aren’t good for you, especially if you are trying to lose weight.

Your S meals should have 10 carbs or less and no limit on fat (within reason). Your E meals should have 20-45 carbs and 5g fat or less per meal. There are other fuel types, but for the purpose of this review, I will not go into that. I will stick to the basics. Also, THM is about cutting overly processed food out of your diet. But again, MOST diets or lifestyle plans encourage this. Processed food are high in sodium, nitrites, nitrates, chemicals, HFCS, and all kinds of other things that aren’t meant for the body to consume EVER, lest alone on a daily basis.

Another thing I totes LOVE about this book/plan is that it is biblically based. It goes into some detail about God’s plan for us about what He put on this earth for our consumption, including animals. Yup, you read that right. God put animals on this earth for our consumption. Actually, that’s not accurate. We were supposed to live in peace with all creatures, but ever since the fall of man, we have been killing, sacrificing (OT) and eating animals. We no longer have to sacrifice animals, because of Jesus’ sacrifice (read more about that here) but we can still enjoy eating them.

I have not been as faithful to the plan as I should be, which I have no excuse for other than just being ridiculous. I have eaten gluten-filled things and sugar-filled things, all the while knowing they would make me ill. Well, that ends now. I have committed to no cheats or treats in the month of November except for Thanksgiving day. I am going to eat what I want that day and ONLY that day. Please join with me in praying that I can keep that commitment. I have no will-power on my own but, ‘I can do all things through Christ, which strengtheneth me.’ Phil 4:13

So there you have it. Trim Healthy Mama is amazing. I am down 10.4 pounds and 10.5 inches overall since September 5th! I’d say that’s pretty good for 2 months, considering I haven’t done much exercising and haven’t been faithful to the plan. Just think what my results will be December 5th if I only have one cheat/treat day (Thanksgiving)!! Can’t wait to see where I’m at then!!

April 2014 ~ Pre THM
April 2014 ~ Pre THM
October 2014 ~ One month on THM

I give Trim Healthy Mama ♥♥♥♥ (out of 5)

It would get 5, but a lot of women have a hard time figuring it out and get so overwhelmed by it that they either don’t even start the plan or they end up quitting in the first few weeks. I found it pretty easy to pick up, but that isn’t the case for everyone.

I would recommend this to any of my friends looking for a healthy way to lose weight and/or get healthy, though!!

All the best…

Live, laugh, love and be kind! xo

So you’re asking yourself how exactly does the plan work? Let’s be honest, the book is 640 pages long!  There is no way I can teach it to you here. I cannot even begin to try. Besides, Pearl and Serene are so much better at teaching you this plan than I could ever be.  After all, I’m still learning new things about it all the time. They’ve been working their plan for years. I mean, yeah, there are basics to getting started, like getting rid of the white’s in your diet (white sugar, white flour, white rice), but there is so much more you need to know in order to follow the plan than that.  Why try navigating the big bad world of getting healthy/weight loss on your own and end up feeling isolated, deprived, and discouraged when there is a book that clearly teaches you how to do it without all the struggle?

The Fine Print: This plan might not be right for you.  For example, if you’re not committed to a little hard work or are just looking for a magic pill, this plan may not be what you’re looking for. Healthy, permanent weight loss simply does not work that way. And I’m certainly not going to tell you that you need to lose weight… I mean, who am I to tell you that you should feel bad about your size, that you need to lose weight or eat healthy? I love you the same, no matter your size. I am simply sharing this for those who want to know more about the fabulous eating plan I am using and want to know more about it.  I am just sharing my personal experience in hopes of helping others who want to get healthy and/or lose weight for their own personal reasons.  Some people use this plan to maintain weight they’ve lost on other plans. Do it, don’t do it…I’m not the boss of you! 😉

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