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Nostalgic Cookie Review

I have done a lot of reviews on this blog and all of them have been positive.  I knew there had to come a time when I would find something I just really did not like.  Well, that time has come.

I tried a few different flavors of these cookies…

Amaretto Limoncello Glee

amaretto limoncello glee

Kiwi Lychee Chocolaty Delights

kiwi lychee chocolaty delights

Strawberry Pomegranate Tastes

strawberry pomegranate tastes

Pomegranate Hibiscus Pleasures

pomegranate hibiscus pleasures

What I like about these:

The packaging is awesome.  The sandwich cookies are individually wrapped.  And the other cookies are packaged two to a package. So when you open the box, there are nine cookies in there, but each have its own wrapper so you aren’t exposing all of your cookies to air.  LOVE THAT.

I love that they are made with all natural, non-GMO ingredients.

They are made with almond meal so they are low-glycemic, meaning they will not spike your blood sugar the way some cookies, bread do.

Even thought they have some sweetener, they are made with all-natural sweeteners.  Nothing artificial in these!

What I didn’t like about these:

They didn’t look like the photos. The cookies are actually quite small.

The flavor.  I just didn’t care for these.

Now, I will say I have had worse gluten-free products and definitely worse ‘diet’ food!  These were not awful, but I will say they have been my least favorite of the items I have reviewed so far.  If you want to try an all-natural, healthy cookie, try these.  Give them a shot.  Not everyone has the same tastes.  You might very well like these…I know I really wanted to.  But I told them I would give an honest review and that’s what I’m doing.

I give Nostalgic Cookies  ♥♥ 1/2 (out of 5)

Live, laugh, love and be kind! xoxo


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